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PornTokenV2 Crowdsale is Live

The new PornTokenV2 Crowdsale is on. We used the funds from the first crowdsale to produce no less than 2 original DVDs and 2 original Bluray discs as well as an online catalog with hundreds of titles to choose from in HD quality. Our last title based on Harvey Weinstein’s misgivings in Hollywood includes names like Penthouse Pet Misty Stone as well as world renowned adult performer Kat Dior who is very much in demand right now and hard to book.

Click Here to View the White Paper Substitute


View the new Token Tracker on EtherScan: 0x5512e1d6a7be424b4323126b4f9e86d023f95764

To purchase Send Ether to the PornTokenV2Crowdsale contract: 0x25c08bb7aa204d221288d9739899f4edf96f5fba

Use at least 100,000 units of Gwei for Gas on the transaction

Tokens are instantly sent back via the ethereum Crowdsale contract

1 PTWO = 0.00001337 ETH

747,943,160 PTWO available for the Crowdsale.

* 1B Total Supply (or maybe far less)

More updates will be made to this new V2 token in the following days, and more information. This funds our DVD and Blu-ray disc manufacturing, to employ more workers to expand manufacturing for PornToken films as well as from partners to Adult Bookstores in Los Angeles and the USA

Please check our Twitter feed for more information.

And please remember, we don’t hire or 1099 outside the USA. You are hiring real industry people in the San Fernando Valley, California when you buy our tokens, unlike our competitors.

EASTER EGG: There is a bug in the Crowdsale contract for PTWO which makes unsold PTWO un-returnable after the crowdsale finishes. That makes the total amount of PTWO about 250,000,000 instead of 1B, a whopping 4 times more scarce than PT. See this Twitter Post 

PT to PTWO Conversion

If you wish to convert your PT to PTWO at a 4:1 reverse split rate to adjust to the projected amount of PTWO available, you can do so by following the instructions here. Refer to this example of the contract executing a PT to PTWO conversion from our Ropsten Testnet test that we did before releasing the upgrade contract: https://ropsten.etherscan.io/tx/0x4a9dc411812c11e6e70bfe4efed704f6eb1bae39b61e946be434e4f013c0e99c