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OK, I did some mastering QC on some of these transcoded HD full length Porn movies and there is some slight letterboxing. After the ICO we will poach somebody from Premiere Digital Services where I used to work and have them transcode them again to remove the letterbox. All future videos scaled down to SD will have the letterbox removed as well.

For this month, you can just watch them with the letterbox. I didn’t check them all, only a sample.

Also, since there is letterboxing, I am going to make all full HD downloads of the films for 5 PornTokens. 1 PornToken to stream the movie. There are currently 1 billion PornTokens issued.

Here is a snapshot of me Mastering QC on “DP Gone Wrong”. You gotta hate it when your DPs go wrong.



Hey PornToken ICO enthusiasts, I am encoding the 360p format of the 1,160 initial catalog this morning on AWS with Amazon.

This format is for those who have a slower internet connection, but still wanna watch using #Ethereum #PornTokens.

It costs over $1350 per format to transcode these movies in the Amazon cloud.

A big WTF. Hoping the ICO goes well at this point. I am running the 480P Pipeline job right now. Waiting for the actual bill tomorrow before I proceed to the others.

So all 1,160 HD 1080p movies are ready to go now, but I have to run batch encoding jobs for those who have slower Internet connections. I will do 720p, 480p, and 360p.

Our first exclusive porn movie taping in VR and 4k is booked in Florida and we will be shooting that this coming weekend. We have a professional editor in Hollywood who is going to cut our first porno who is ready to receive the raw footage.

Bad news. The stuff from Zazzle won’t make it on time for the first PT Porno shoot. Zazzle fucked up.  To make up for it, we are going to write PT on the ladys’ ass cheeks. “P” on the left ass cheek and “T” on the right ass cheek in magic marker. We will use the Zazzle gear on the next PornToken original exclusive porn movie shoot.


I have purchased some clothes from Zazzle for the actresses to use in the exclusive films that we are taping for the ICO.

We want all our exclusive porn to be heavily branded for marketing purposes. I got several pair of caps & underwear, nobody like to re-use those! 😉

Yesterday I completed a massive deal with New Porn Order for a vast catalog of hipster porn movies on PornToken.io (PT). Today on Facebook, we completed the deal. I am also licensing from other studios with deals going in Brazil (2G1C), Florida, California and France of all places.