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This is how you will use PornToken to pay for Streaming and Downloads

First I had made a system to poll for transactions to start movie download and streams.

I just realized how wrong this is. Tonight I am changing the system.

As soon as you log into the new PornToken movie site, it will allocate a new Ethereum Address for you and that will be your username.

You must send PornTokens to that address which is unique to you, (Your internal wallet on the website, like EtherDelta or Coinbase) in order to buy movie downloads or stream porn.

So when you sign up you get a new Hex address for your wallet for the site, like EtherDelta or Coinbase, then you SEND PornTokens to that internal address using Metamask or MEW. Say you send 20, they will be in your wallet on the movie site. Then the movie streams and downloads are deducted from your balance on your wallet on the site.

I think that makes the most sense here versus a PayWithEther type solution where we are constantly polling transactions while you wait for the movie to start.

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